VEY - Whitehorse, Yukon

Position: 60:42N-135:05W. Opened February 1935 to provide aircraft contacts for Pan-American airways and to serve other commercial interests in the area. Also provided weather information and contacts for boat traffic. It was handed over to the Canadian Army Signal System on 1 January 1951

RC Sigs station 1948
Whitehorse staff 1948Whitehorse staff 1952
Railway station and docks WhitehorseBoatyard in Whitehorse
SS CascaSteamboat in winter storage
Steamboats in winter storageSteamboats in winter storage.

Original RC Sigs Station Whitehorse

Whitehorse Inn
Whitehorse Inn 1943
This photo has nothing to do with the Whitehorse RCSigs
station, but it was in the package that came from the Museum
and I thought some old-timers might enjoy a bit of nostalgia.

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Legacy Notes

See Radio Station CFWH, Whitehorse


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