VEQ - Port Radium , NWT
Originally called Cameron Bay, the name was changed in December 1937.
(See also Lindsley Bay)

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Position: 66:05N-118:00W. Opened in March 1932 to provide weather information and communications for mining companies. It closed in August 1940 when mining operations ceased. It re-opened in 1944 to provide communications for Eldorado Mining and Refining, and also weather reports for the Meteorological Department. It was Handed over to the Department of Transport In March 1960.

Original Pt. Radium StationInterior, Pt. Radium Station

RC Sigs Station operating position

RC Sigs Station operating position

Eldorado Mining Site, Port Radium

Port Radium - composite

Port RAdium - aerialPort Radium - aerial

Ham radio station, Port Radium, 1957Port Radium - RC Sigs Married Quarters
Approaching Port RadiumPort Radium - Springtime

Conveyor at Port RadiumWaitresses departing Port Radium

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