VEW - Fort Providence, NWT.

Position: 61:21N-117:38W. Opened on 15th June 1939 for a brief period but was short-lived due to the outbreak of war. The station closed on September 5th. The Providence Station buildings were taken over by a small detachment of the US Signal Corps in the Fall of '42 to provide weather reports and communications for aircraft employed on the Canol Pipeline project. An emergency landing field was constructed there and US Army Engineers erected new radio station buildings which were eventually taken over again by RC Signals in July 1943. It was handed over to the Department of Transport on March 15th, 1959.

Ft Providence 1951Ft Providence 1945

RCSigs station 1951Ft Providence 1959
Mail PlaneRepairing Road
Aird's dog teamTruck with drums

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