Gordon Lake , NWT

Position: 63:00N 113:15W. Opened May 1937 to serve the Camlaren gold Mines and other commercial interests in the area. Station closed with the closing of the mines in August 1939.

Two airmen

Camlaren Mine site

Note from Ryan Silke:

I have some information regarding the Gordon Lake sig station; it is probable that the Sigs bought the radio station from Mackenzie Air Services in 1937.

The gold rush to Gordon Lake occured during the very late fall of 1936, and MAS erected a low-power radio transmitter/reciever set at the Mining Corporation of Canada campsite at the Camlaren showing for it's own purposes. The station was maintained for much of the winter of 1936-1937 by Cliff Brindell and Emile Dagenais. Brindell was operator for MAS and Dagenais was Mining Corp watchman.

This camp was located a little bit north of the Camlaren Mine and the buildings still exist today. I visited the site in September 2001 and found an old log cabin and several ruins of tent frames. I'm not sure if the RCCS used the same buildings for their radio station, or if they relocated directly to the Camlaren Mine. This may have made more sense since the Camlaren camp was quite substantial at the time. Although some photos of Camlaren for this time period exist, I've never seen any with a radio antenna. I'll have to look some more. Either way, here is a photo of the MAS log cabin used as a radio station in 1936.

Camlaren was demolished in the late 1980's.

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