VEF - Aklavik, NWT (Page Seven)

The Rogers and Post Flight

Early in 1935, world famous aviator Wiley Post and internationally renowned entertainer, Will Rogers, planned a leisurely around-the-world flight. Post decided to fly a modified Lockheed Orion, rather than his beloved Winnie Mae, a special Lockheed Model 5C Vega in which he had already completed two around-the-world record flights and a series of special high altitude substratospheric research flights.

They stopped off in Aklavik for rest and refuling on August 15th. They departed Aklavik, bound for Point Barrow, Alaska but ran into low weather and had to land on a coastal lagoon. When the weather cleared (presumably) they departed for Barrow and both were killed when the motor failed just after take-off.

"If you live life right, death is a joke as far as fear is concerned." -- Will Rogers

Will Rogers Wiley Post
Wiley Post's planePost and Rogers

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