Ed Henderson

Sgt. Ed Henderson was posted from The Depot, RC Signals Camp Borden to the White Eagle Silver Mine at Camsell River early in the summer of 1933. With a Burgess Midget 5 watt transceiver he was soon in communication with Cameron Bay and RC Signals Radio Station, Camsell River was officially on the air. Tragedy, stark and swift, was to strike this little radio station a few months later when, one day in September 1933, Sgt. Henderson set out in a canoe to deliver a message to one of the mining camps in the area. Henderson was never seen again and it is assumed that he upset in the swift river waters and was drowned. The canoe was recovered but the treacherous waters have never given up Henderson's body. Henderson's tragic passing was the first fatality to be suffered by the rapidly expanding NWT&Y Radio System which, at the time, was about to celebrate its tenth anniversary

We are interested in learning whether there is a memorial cairn or any other marker to the memory of Sgt. Ed. Henderson. If anyone has information in this regard, or any photographs, please get in touch with us.