Cpl. J.T. (Joe) Funfer, Ft. Providence, August 1949

Staff at Beaverlodge 1956
Joe FunferStaff at Ft. Providence 1949
Staff at Ennadai 1952

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Remembering Joe Funfer

In your website on the NWT&Y History project, your photos of Joe Funfer attracted my attention.

I met Mr. Funfer in August, 1968 when he was a civilian radio operator – I believe his level was EL4 or 5 – at Vancouver Wireless station, which at that time had become CFS Ladner. I had been posted to Ladner from CFS Alert and was a shift supervisor and later Comcen Supervisor before Ladner ceased operations and we moved to CFS Masset in the Queen Charlotte Islands in September 1970. I retired from the CF in the Fall of 1972.

I did not work directly with Joe, but had a number of occasions to come in contact with him. He had a fishing boat and would sail out into the waters off Ladner and Tsawwassen for salmon. One day he proceeded on one of these voyages and during the trip he passed away, apparently from a heart attack. He obviously had had sufficient time to secure the boat and lock the rudder in position so it would run aground. I am not sure of the date, but think it was in the Fall of 1969.

He was a true gentleman. It was a pleasure to see the photos of him on your web-page and I thought I would pass on this short observation.

Best regards.

Ray White, Chief Petty Officer ComRsch 291 (retired)


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